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If you prefer your hats with a curved worries! 

We know everyone has their own style and who are we to tell you... flat or curved!

Curved Brim Instructions: 

Step #1: Order Chinese food for lunch and save that clear plastic container. After lunch, wash out the container and let dry. These containers make a great small to medium curve in your brim. If you want to go all "Leo DiCaprio" on your hat... go with a coffee mug for more aggressive curve!

Step #2: Under faucet, wet the top and bottom of brim only using hot water. Avoid getting entire hat wet.

 (click to enlarge image)

Step #3: Gently roll hat brim in hands to shape. We recommend small changes at a time. Remember you want to round the brim, not bend it!

Step #4: After rolling into shape, insert brim only into the plastic container allowing the container to hold brim in curved shape. Be sure to check and make sure the brim is placed into the container evenly on all sides so your curved brim turns out perfectly round.

      (click to enlarge image)

Step #5: Wait two hours, remove hat from container and shape brim by hand to the final desired shape.

Step #6: Hang hat on door knob to let brim dry... finish any Chinese food you have left over.  

  (click to enlarge image)

Step #7: Continue to shape brim by hand as you wear the hat. Brim will gradually take on your perfect curve!